Everything Starts With a Srong Foundation

The foundation of dressing for success is wearing the right clothes to the right place. The question you have to ask yourself every time is “Am I wearing the right clothes for me, and is this the right place to wear them?”


The first part of the question beggins with the proportions. Nothing can complement your figure more than a well fitting suit. On the other hand any outfit that doesn’t fit you well can do you more harm than good. Before you concern yourself with anything else you need to know what a good fit is and how to achieve it.

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We all differ in the colors of our skin, hair, eyes and so on. Each specific combination works better with some colors and not so good with others. That’s why the colors we wear have strong effect on our appearance and should be chosen with care. The good news is that once you know which colors fit you well you can use them in all your attires if the occasion allows.

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No matter how good an outfit looks on you, if the place isn’t right for it all your efforts will go to waste. On top of that you’ll feel awkward and out of place. So always ask yourself what’s the right outfit for where you’re going. Sometimes it’s quite easy to answer this, like wearing a suit for business or wedding and something casual for a coffee. However sometimes it can be quite unclear what’s the right dress code.

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