Collar Types: Which One Fits Your Face Shape

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Wear It Right

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Do you know that the collar is considered the most important thing to focus on when buying a dress shirt? That’s because its form directly interacts with the form of your face and therefore should be chosen with that in mind. A spread collar for example balances a narrow or long face, but can make a wide face look even wider.

Although there are many collar types, here we’ll review just three of them that are a good start and will cover your needs – the classic, the straight-point and the spread. They will cover the three main face types – narrow, regular and wide/rounded.

As you can see with the spread collar above there are some variantions to the colar types. That’s great, because the face shapes vary greatly too. Here we’ll separate the collar types by face proportions so it’s easier for you to find what you need. Keep in mind, as the face shapes vary and you can find the collar variation of each type that fits you the most.

Wide or Rounded Face Shape

If your face is wide or rounded you will require a medium to long straight-point collar. Its length and narrow space between the collar points will balance out the wider face frame.

This collar type can be worn with any kind of suit or sports jacket. However, keep in mind that the long point collar is considered more conservative. Because of that it’s good to be worn with a tie. If you want a more casual look go for a medium straight-point one (the points lenght being slightly shorter).

Note: A great fit to this collar type is the Four-In-Hand tie knot because of its narrow frame.

Long or Narrow Face Shape


If your face frame is long or narrow you should go for a spread collar to balance it out. This type of collar has wider space between its collar points which will counteract with a narrow face shape. The spread collar also adds to a dressier and more elegant look.

Note: The spread refers to the space between the two collar points.

The Regular Face Shape


Maybe your face is neither narrow nor wide. If you aren’t one of the above but somewhere in the middle your face shape is regular. If so you can safely go for a classic collar that can be worn for any occasion. Furthermore, being in the middle, you can successfully go for the other collar types, while not going for anything too drastic.

Final Thoughts


Keep in mind that choosing the right collar requires a bit of experimentation and common sense. While in this article we gave you a general direction, know that the collar types don’t end here. It all depends on how far you want to go in your pursuit of style.

You can try some different collar types and see what effect they have on your appearance. It’s important to see not only which ones look good on you but which ones look bad too. This will add to the development of feeling for it.

If you want to learn how to fit properly the rest of your shirt while you’re at it check “How to Fit a Dress Shirt: The 5 Areas To Focus On“.

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