How The Clothes You Wear Affect Your Success

by | Oct 1, 2016 | Wear It Right

“Dress for success. Image is very important. People judge you by the way you look on the outside” – Brian Tracy

You might have heard that people make their judgements in the first few seconds of seeing someone. This is not only a suggestion but a scientifically proven fact. Just after few seconds we create a mental picture about the person we meet based on his initial appearance.

And what’s the most noticeable thing in our appearance? In almost all cases it’s the clothes we wear. They speak way more than you can imagine. But why is that so?

It’s basically a function of your brain trying to define the other person and give you a better idea about what your approach should be. In doing so it has to work with what’s initially available. The clothes we wear are particularly useful in this case because it’s the thing in our appearance we have the greatest control over.

The clothes you wear can suggest what you work, what you are like as a person or how you take care of ourselves. They influence other people’s perception of your financial success, trustworthiness, social status, authority and so on. They’re surely not a thing to go carelessly about.

Your clothes are particularly important in your workplace, where they can significantly influence how others perceive and respond to you.

So, how can we make our appearance work in our favor? Bellow we’ll show you four things to consider and what effect they have on other people’s perception of you.

1. The Clothes You Wear Should Fit you Well

Even very small differences in how good our clothes fit can have great impact on how others see us. A research on the subject conducted with 300 participants suggests just that. Each participant had to choose between two pictures of men wearing suits and had only 3 seconds to make a fast judgement.

In the first picture the man was in a tailored made-to-measure suit, and in the second in a ready-made one. The differences in the suits were minor and the faces of the men were pixillated.

The judgements were in the favor of the man in a made-to-measure suit, and they weren’t about how good he looked in it. He was perceived as more confident, successful, flexible and a higher earner than the other.

So next time you wear something be sure it fits you as good as possible. If you want to know how exactly to fit a suit make sure to check our article “How Should a Suit Fit: Proportions Guide“.

2. Always Follow the Appropriate Dress Code

Always make sure that the clothes you wear match the occasion. One of the worst situations you can find yourself in is to be underdressed compared to others. This can make you look out of place, not to mention sloppy and unprofessional. As a result it can also greatly diminish your authority.

You should always check in advance what the preferable dress code for an occasion is and follow it. For a strictly business matter always dress business professional. If you´re not sure it´s always better to risk going overdressed and if it´s too much you can just take off your tie for example. On the opposite you can´t dress up if you happen to be underdressed.

3. The Less Skin You Show the More Successful You Are

All conservative wear that’s associated with success shows very little skin. When you put on a full business suit the only things visible are your hands and head. This principle, however, extends to almost any clothes you wear.

When two similar attires are compared the one showing less skin is always seen as corresponding higher authority and responsibility. The more skin your clothes show the more they make you look careless and unserious.

So when you’re going for a good first impression always try to show more of your clothes and less of your skin. For business this means full suit with a buttoned up shirt and a tie.

4. Never Wear Clothes That are Dirty or Wrinkled

What care you take of your clothes is very important, because it suggests what care you take of yourself. Imagine someone of your colleagues coming to work with dirty and wrinkled clothes, what would you think? Probably doesn’t he have anything better to wear and can’t he take better care of himself. It’s a bad place to be in and you should never find yourself there.

Feeling tired or not having time is not a good enough excuse to be sloppy about your appearance. Find time to clean and iron those clothes. In the end not only will you look better, but also feel better wearing them.

Wrapping it Up


Keep in mind that the clothes you wear speak to the people you meet and always make sure they speak the right thing. If you want to dress for success you can’t take your appearance lightly. Don’t leave things to chance and follow the advices we gave you. This way you can be confident that your clothes will speak the right thing – that you’re ready for success!

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